About Us

Jaypore Weaves is a new online business to join A.R Exports, a generational family business based in Jaipur, India. We work with and strongly support traditional textile artisans to produce beautiful, unique, and genuine handcrafted products, whilst respecting and preserving sustainable living.

Once only available to travellers to Jaipur, Jaypore Weaves; a business entity of A R Exports; offers a treasure trove of authentic small-batch products available online for the first time. Our designs reflect the ancient, beautiful, and mystical heritage of Indian textiles.

Our team of experienced artisans and craftsman include block carvers, dye masters, weavers, printers, quilters, and tailors—all of whom we know. The Jaypore Weaves customer is buying directly from the artisan source. Learn more about our methods 

We are a feel-good business. Family is everything; we take the opportunity to laugh and live life in colour, positively expressing this in our prints and designs. Creating our products brings us tremendous joy, and we hope it brings you the same.



Tanmay has created an artisan collection based on his shared love of traditional processes and the beauty of artisan textiles. Having worked for 20+ years, Tanmay's local heritage and experience, and working with Jaipur artisans to supply Western markets, he has created a direct online link to the artisan source.